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August 18, 2013
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Interview Of The Perfect Addiction
Tell Us A Little About Yourself.
Kyle: I play guitar and i can make awesome coffee
sean: I sing and i love art and drawing
Justin: I play drums and i can eat a taco bell taco in one bite
Trevor: I play bass and i enjoy watching cyst popping videos on youtube

How Did You All Meet And Become A Band? When Did It Happen?
Sean: When the zombie apocalypse started, i (sean) woke up in a hospital after an accident on the job, however the hospital was different, completely abandoned, and filled with the living dead. later on i would meet up with kyle and my family again in the wild after they had fled from the city (which was overrun with zombies). After a few years and some hard times we met trevor (a red neck cross bow wielding wanderer) it wasnt long before he joined the band and fought along side with us. Later that year there were some key casualties in our group in addition to the birth of a new child. With food sources running low we were lucky to meet Justin (a sassy sword wielding black woman) with a care package of baby food (and guitar strings). It was at this time The Perfect Addiction was complete.
Why Are You Called The Perfect Addiction?
Kyle: Because we hope to be the listeners "perfect addiction".
What’s Your Music Like? Do You Guys Write Your Own Lyrics?
Kyle: its a smooth blend of alternative, rock and pop. and of coarse we write our own lyrics.
If You Could Describe Your Music In One Word, What Would It Be And Why?
Sean: Sassy, because it stands out and isn't afraid to be different.
Do You Guys Argue Much? Or Get On Well?
Trevor: The group, gets along really well, probably because were great friends behind it all. But every job occasionally has its hangups, which is easy to overcome.
The Most Amazing Concert You Have Attended.
Sean: MCR/Billy Talent
Justin: Warped 2012
Kyle: Warped 2012
Trevor: Of Mice and Men 2011
Who Is Your Favorite Band?
Sean: My Chemical Romance
Kyle: Forever the Sickest Kids
Trevor: Lydia and touche amore
Justin: All Time Low
Who’s Your Musical Icon And Influence?
Sean: Gerard Way and Kurt Cobain
Kyle: Kirk Hammett
Justin: Travis Barker and Rian Dawson
Trevor: A lot of underground bands who work hard
Do You Guys Always Wanted To Be Singers?
Kyle: Yes we have always wanted to be musicians but i think as we got older, we decided more and more that we wanted to do it full time.
What Struggles Did You Face As A Musician And How Did They Affect Your Music Career?
Sean: Our biggest struggles as a band is the financial aspect of everything.
So, Is There Any Surprise Coming Up For The Fans?
Justin: Yes, but if we told you it wouldn't be much of a surprise, now would it?;)
Whats The Sweetest Thing Your Fans Have Done For You?
Trevor: Just the everyday love and support of our fans means the world to us. Things like telling friends, coming out to shows, and even talking to us on social networks means more than you will ever know. Thank you for helping us chase our dreams!
Bieber Has Beliebers. Cody Simpson Got Simpsonizers And Angels. What Do You Call Your Fans?
Kyle: Recently a large group of our fans have coined to term "Perfectionists" to call our fans. We're gonna take that and roll with it. All of you out there are officially Perfectionists.
What Has Been The Best Experience You Have Had So Far As A Band?
Justin: Recently we took a trip to california for some business meetings, and took the opportunity to promote and just have an all around good time. We made a lot of new friends and new fans on that trip.
Have You Ever Collaborated With Anyone?
Sean: No, but we that doesn't mean we aren't open to the idea.
With Whom Would You Like To Collaborate?
Trevor: We would love to do a collaboration with artists such as Derek Sanders from Mayday Parade Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters or Jason Lancaster from Go Radio.
So, Is There Any Surprise Coming Up For The Fans?
Kyle: Yes, keep posted on our facebook and twitter for all of our updates.
Where Do You See Your Musical Career 10 Years From Now?
Justin: We hope to be surviving solely off of music and sharing the stage all across the world with the artists that we look up to now. Living the lives we dreamed about and making memories to last forever all because of where our music took us.
Any Message To The Readers?
Justin/Kyle/Sean/Trevor: Thank you all for the love and support that you guys give us. It may sound cliche but without you all here, we wouldn't even be doing this interview right now. So thank you and keep it up!
Madiha Yameen

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