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March 28, 2012
By TheJust ELITE, Ellenton, Florida
TheJust ELITE, Ellenton, Florida
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Maverick Johnson has been working in the radio business since he was in college. He is currently the morning radio host for the popular Florida country station, 106.5 WCTQ. Each year, Mr. Johnson and some of his co-workers attend the Manatee County Fair. This year I was given the opportunity to interview Mr. Johnson for Teen Ink.

Rachel- Tell us a little about yourself.

Maverick Johnson- My name is Maverick Johnson and this is my 20th year doing radio on 106.5 CTQ.

RH- How did you first get started being a radio DJ?

MJ- I actually went to broadcaster school in Tampa and did an internship. I wanted to do sports and kinda just fell into doing the music thing.

RH- Did you go through an audition for CTQ?

MJ- No, it wasn't really an audition. It was more, I was an intern and so I was getting credit at school while I was doing it. It was just kinda one thing led to another: The internship led into a part-time job, and then the part-time job led into a full-time job.

RH- Who has been your favorite person you've met while at CTQ?

MJ- We actually had Kenny Rogers in the studio a few years ago. We had him for a few hours and normally you don't get to hang or talk with someone for a real long extended period of time, but we had him actually sit in on the morning show one morning. He actually sat in for a couple hours. So that's probably my most memorable and most favorite part of radio. I mean, he's legendary from TV to movies to music. He's had a very interesting life.

So he's really been probably the highlight of my career, spending the whole morning, probably three hours, with Kenny Rogers.

RH- Now I hear that this morning you talked with Craig Campbell.

MJ- Yeah, he actually came into the studio with us for about an hour.

RH- What's he like?

MJ- He's great. He's a new artist. His first album's out. He's from Georgia. I think he's really happy that he has got a chance to do something that he's always wanted to do. He played keyboards for Tracy Byrd for a while, so this is one of those things where he's kind of always had the dream to do this and it's kind of evolved. So it's cool to see somebody up and coming realize their dreams.

RH- Tonight you're at the Manatee County Fair; do you come here every year?

MJ- Yeah, we're here every year. We're here a couple of times, usually near the weekends when the crowds are the busiest. We try to say hi to people. We introduce some of the acts on stage, and just kinda go around and shake hands and meet people.

RH- So are you looking forward to the concert tonight?

MJ- Yeah, I'm looking forward [to it]. It's the first time I've heard either one of these acts—Eden's Edge and Craig Campbell—in concert. [I've had] a chance to talk to both of them, but really haven't heard them doing a live show. So [I'm] looking forward to it.

RH- Okay, I have to ask: What has been the craziest or funniest call-in you've ever gotten?

MJ- I don't know one in particular, but anytime kids call-in, it's usually pretty funny. Especially when their parents are in the car with them. That behind-the-scenes stuff that families think are funny. When they share those intimate moments with us, that's always a trip.

RH- Your show is very family-oriented; do you feel like the radio needs to be more family friendly?

MJ- You know, I'm a believer that there's niches for every type of radio show. We choose to be very family friendly conscious 'cause we want everybody, from kids to grandmothers, to be able to listen to us. But I understand that certain people want to have certain audiences listen to them, and I think to each his own. I wouldn't ever prescribe to tell somebody how they should do their show. But we have an idea on how our station and our show wants to be and who we want to listen to it. The less family shows out there, the more people listening to our show. That's the way I kinda look at it.

RH- Who is somebody that you would like to have on your show in the future?

MJ- Huh. That's a good question. I don't know, probably Reba. You know, she's someone that's had success in music, TV and movies. I like those people that have had experiences in a lot of different areas. So probably Reba off the top of my head.

RH- Did you hear Eden's Edge is actually performing with her on her next tour?

MJ- Yes, and we talked a little bit about that with Hannah, the lead singer from Eden's Edge. They actually got to do an interview with her at the end of their tour last year when they were together. I heard she's just a wonderful person.

RH- Since you're in the country music business, are you a singer or musician yourself?

MJ- No, not a singer. I played saxophone in marching band; not really a country instrument. I've always liked music but never really to that professional level. [It was] just something that my family has done but only for fun. Not really as a profession or something serious.

RH- What advice do you have for aspiring DJs?

MJ- Anybody that wants to kind of break into a field, whatever it might be, whether it be DJ or TV or whatever, I think the biggest thing is to read as much as you can about it and try to get an internship or apprenticeship; anything you can where you're not gonna get paid, but where you can kinda learn the craft from different people. Then, as you go into school, make sure the college has a program where you can intern and be working in an environment with people that do it for a living. I think, for me, if I wouldn't have had that exposure, I probably would've chose a different path. But being able to be a part of [radio], it really energizes you and it lets you focus on what you want to do.

Don't let anybody ever tell you you can't do it. I had so many people tell me, “You'll never be on the radio. Only certain people get to be on the radio.” And if I would have listened to those people, I would have never given [radio] a shot. So never listen to anybody that says you can't and always try to do more. Try to get your foot in the door on your own.

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