Interviewing Peter Buffett This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.

October 21, 2010
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Peter Buffett is an established musician, composer, author, and producer. But in my words, I'd say he is simply an inspiration. For a few years, I have listened to Buffett's music from his collaborations with Akon to his own independent compositions. Through his music, I've recognized the value of his underlying messages in the lyrics and videos of his pieces. These messages try to institute a change, whether it be in a movement to stop violence against women or a change to further value self-recognition.

Coming from a family of extreme wealth, I expected Peter Buffett to be quite pompous and arrogant. Yet in reality, my expectation was held to the contrary. Not only was Mr. Buffett gracious and welcoming, but he seemed quite thrilled to be meeting with us as well. He emphasized the importance of doing what you love, rather than just finding a career. He also deemed that happiness should exist in all that we choose to do. I suppose that is why he chose to leave Stanford University for a career in music. It was his love, and he chose to follow through with it.

After reading his book, "Life is what you make it," I felt as though my stance on some issues changed as I started to understand more about the points he was making. Not only can his book be perceived as a 'must read,' but one can even further characterize it as being, 'a life changer.' While initially I undervalued the work ethic of Peter Buffett, I began to understand the hard work he actually completed to achieve success. I assumed that since his father was wealthy, Peter Buffett wouldn't have much difficulty in landing a job in the music industry with the many connections the family must have. But, I was proven wrong yet again. Not only was Peter Buffett's journey to a musical career challenging, but he did it on his own merit through a series of small jobs as he began his way toward something bigger and better. Though his pathway was risky, it seems as though the risk was well worth it.

Through meeting with Peter Buffett, I learned so many lessons that can never be forgotten. Peter Buffett is
a success story that goes beyond the amount of money or prestige he receives. He is a success story because he loves his role in life, and wouldn't change it for anything. So In my own words, Peter Buffett is simply an inspiration.

This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. This piece has been published in Teen Ink’s monthly print magazine.

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