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Two Broken Kids

May 9, 2018
By Anonymous

They are the only ones who love each other. I am the one who knows their secret. Two broken kids with bruised bodies and strained voices hide the biggest secret of their lives. Two who no longer know what the future holds. Two raised in the same home from birth, yet were never the same. From the bedroom they hear each other breathing, not appreciating this like they will wish they had.

Their secret can't be revealed. They send heartbreak and anxiety through a family once built on happiness and love. They grow apart but never grow up while they rip out a parents heart with such a little object and kill their spirit with nothing but a look. This is how they broke.

When one no longer has a reason to be here, the other will fall without anything to catch them, this happened before the age of eight. Never, never, never they say. They never listened.

When I am too sad and too scared to keep saying never anymore, when I am no longer visible to parents too focused on heartbreak, that is when two becomes one. When there is nothing left to be said between two broken children. Two who aged despite almost losing one. Two who no longer talk, it is too painful. Two who can never regain the lives they once lived.

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