Ramblings of a Teen

December 18, 2017
By FullmetalVampire BRONZE, Arvada, Colorado
FullmetalVampire BRONZE, Arvada, Colorado
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White, a blank white ceiling is all I see looking at me while I lay upon my soft bed, the covers lazily draped over my sprawled body.  I stare at it blankly, not a single thought in my head. The ceiling is devoid of any detail in the dark, even with the moon out, I still can’t see anything other than white. My eyes feel heavy, but I cannot shut them. All I can do is stare. Finally, after a few minutes, a thought enters my head. At school, why are the lunches so bad? I mean really, they taste horrible. And what’s up with how much homework we get in easy classes? I mean, we do need a social life, and homework is taking that away from us. It’s so annoying.

And there are parents, who do try and help guide us down the right path, which I do appreciate, but they could do it in a better way than speaking with little to no enthusiasm. Like, you are not a robot, so quit speaking like one. I want to hear an actual person, not a robot.

The thoughts leave my head as quickly as they came. I go back to a blank white ceiling. My eyes dull out as I just stare out at it. I don’t really know what to do so I just close my eyes, no longer wanting to think about anything anymore. Everything fades to black.

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