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By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

I was assigned today at school
A paper on someone Ithink rules.
It has to be about a hero,
SomeoneI think is not a zero.
They have to be the verybest,
But my hero isn't like therest.

One boy picked Superman from the bunch
But I don't like him very much.
A girl I knownamed Betty Jo
Chose the Three Stooges' guy calledMoe.

When I told the kids who I'd picked
I suddenly felt like I'd been kicked.
Theymade fun of me, for choosing who I did,
Apparently theythought I was trying to kid.
I told them I wasn't. Iwas very frank,
I said that I felt like my heart hadjust sank.

They stopped teasing me then andwalked away in a group,
All I wanted now was somechicken-noodle soup.
That may seem weird or evenstrange,
But that's something my hero likes toarrange.

Who is my hero, you ask?
Well,allow me to reveal her mask.
My hero, I am proud tosay,
Is my mom who saves the day.
Becauseanytime I'm sick or sad
My hero always makes meglad.

The moral of this story (as you may haveguessed)
Is that everybody's hero is better than therest.
And even though the moral's true
For allthe other kids I feel blue.
For none of them will everget
To have the best mom on theplanet.

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i love this so much!

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