Chapter 1

November 28, 2017
By Sylan BRONZE, Malakoff, Texas
Sylan BRONZE, Malakoff, Texas
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Thirteen  years ago on May 16, 2003, a kid named Dylan Wayne S. was born he wasn't akin to the little boys and girls; far from them.When he got to Pre-K,he was the bad boy, whether it was hitting people in the nose with a toy hammer or coloring on someone's paper. 

When kindergarten arrived, Dylan didn't straighten up much, because he realized he had a mouth and started to use it, but not in a good way. One day, a sub finally couldn't take it anymore, and she sent Dylan to the office. He was freaking out; he panicked and cried all the way to the office.The principal, Mr.Snow, called his mom and told on Dylan when school was over that day, Dylan’s mom,Sarah picked him up; it was silent all the way to his house until they got there, but when they did, his mom said, “Go to your room i'm getting the belt.”  That little boy shrieked in fear! He ran in house and hid, but a course he didn't hide good enough and was caught. After his swats, he cried till the sun came up. That was the last time Dylan got in trouble until halfway through the second grade.

One day, the kids were sitting in the hall, waiting to leave when a kid Dylan didn't like walked by, so Dylan got this great idea to trip him. Everybody thought it was funny, but then out of nowhere a teacher comes. All of sudden, everyone gets quiet. She didn't write him up, but instead made Dylan put his face on “Red,” which meant .That was a big deal to kids back then, so he was mad but also scared because he had to go home and show his mom.

Now, she didn't have no ordinary paddle. It had holes in it, and Dylan had his own side, and his brother Chance had his own side.

Third grade had started and he had about twelve write ups, so let's just move on.

During fourth grade, he was never in trouble but didn't make the best grades, so he got in trouble at home.In the fifth grade, Dylan started to get a little better at both behavior and grades; he only got one write up that whole year and for him that was good.When 6th grade came, it was a whole different thing from elementary the teachers were much harder on him.He started to like girls and dated a lot of them but never dated one for too long.Stuff had started to go downhill after all the fights that his parents had his mom said she had enough of it and left.Dylan and his siblings were kinda sad but then realized it would get better, they wouldn't see a man hit a woman no more or a man who sleep all day when he wasn't hitting her.Dylan found out his mom had a boyfriend and didn't approve at all.He did nothing but drag Dylan's mom down the wrong road but for some reason she loved him so much she was to blind to see it.Then it just got worse from there Dylan's brother moved out of the house because of my moms boyfriend.Dylan was heartbroken but couldn't show it cause he never showed emotion like that.Then Dylan actually hated someone for the first time ,so that wasn't a good year for him.7th grade is here now and things got worse he and his sister got put in cps for about a year and he had to come to school with a fake smile on his face so his friends or teachers wouldn't worry but on the inside he was scared and lonely just because he didn't like his mom didn't mean he didn't love her.About a six weeks into 8th grade he was able to go back home and started not to like it again.But he became friends with this one kid and little did they both now they would be friends for a really long time.Dylan went to his house every day his friend JR had some really caring parents to they took him in and to this day they still have him under there wings.As soon as they meet Dylan started to like life again.His grades were at an all time worse he passed his science class with a 70 on the whole year and almost got held back.He's now a freshman and loves it! He is in the band and theatre program but he doesn't get any sleepbecause of them but enjoys high school. This is just a chapter of Dylan S.’s life with so many left.

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