And Then, It's Over MAG

By Anonymous

   They're both standing there, screaming at each other. You're trapped in the middle, and don't know who to turn to, or one might think you're mad at them or that you love them less. So you stand there, not facing anyone.

And then it's over. You live with Mom and go to visit Dad every other weekend. It's scary how fast it all happened. They used to be one, a pair, a team. Now they're still Mom and Dad, but in a different way. Mom's the one who's there to help with homework, and to kiss you good-night, like they both used to. Dad's the one you go out with - to museums and to the movies, because he's afraid that if he doesn't show you a good time, you won't want to see him anymore. It's all confusing - you've seen divorces on TV and know other kids whose parents are divorced, even other family members, but you never thought it would be your parents. Things like that happen to other people, not to you, don't they? c

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i love this so much!


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