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by Cynthia P., Houston, TX

My mother was the first to hear me sing the beautiful Mexican music of Mariachi when I was twelve years old. Even though I had always loved music and been in the band since fourth grade, I had never tried to sing. My mother and sister already sang beautifully at church. That particular morning, I was doing what I always did - sitting on the wooden floor in our living room in front of the family stereo, listening to my mother's cassettes. The harmonious sound of the loud yet pleasant trumpets, the soft chirping of the violins, and the low thumping of the basses started to play. Since I knew the words, I started to sing. My mother, walking in, looked surprised at my singing and wore a big smile. She asked if I would sing another song and of course I said, "Si." After I finished she told me I had a beautiful voice, and needed to use it for the Lord.

Since that day, she has practiced with me and helped me with the songs. She taught me how to listen to the rhythm, and how to make my voice vibrate so it flows with the music of the instruments. One day, my mother said I would sing that weekend in the morning service at our church. I was happy and nervous at the same time. I felt thousands of tiny butterflies in my stomach and my heart pounded loudly against my chest.

When Sunday arrived I put on my favorite dress. I had my blue children's Bible, a cassette and a sheet of paper with my song. At church my pastor, Brother Polo, called my name to come up front. I introduced myself to the congregation, read a verse from the Bible that related to my song, and then sang. As soon as I finished, everyone started clapping. My hands were sweaty and shaking and the only person I could look at was my mother. She seemed so proud and happy. When I reached the bench she gave me the biggest, tightest hug ever! I felt good inside, as if I had just accomplished something so wonderful and outstanding that had made her so proud of me. Since then I have been singing in churches, schools and family reunions. I'm not scared to stand in front of an audience, though sometimes I get a little nervous. I love singing. I think that singing and music will always be a part of my life until the day I die and even after.

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i love this so much!


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