Edna's Tragedy

February 3, 2009
By Austraya Domena BRONZE, Denver, Colorado
Austraya Domena BRONZE, Denver, Colorado
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It was the tragedy of her death. She was a kind-hearted woman. Everybody loved her, that's how nice she was. My mom told me that before I was born my Grandma thought I would be a boy because the men in her family had all boys so she thought my dad would carry on. When she found out I was a girl, she wanted to adopt me. My mom just said, 'You can always have her at your house.' Then Grandma fell in love with me as the days went on. Even though I didn't know my Grandma very well I will always love her as another mom.

I was 5 years old at the time this tragedy happened, and my brother, Orlando was only 4. My little sister, Shanyia was only 1. This was not good for her or any of us. Orlando and I would always stay with Grandma all of the time, also our two cousins Diamond and Capone. I went to school around the corner where she lived. Everything was great! I loved living with my Grandma and Grandpa. I had so much fun with them. I wish they were still here.

My Grandpa Angelo--her husband--always had something to say. He smoked cigarettes and I think he carried around a gun or just kept it in the house. He's Puerto Rican and the color of caramel. His face is wrinkled with freckles. He's tall and skinny like a stick. His eyes show hatred and confusion. That's all I can remember about my Grandpa.

Grandma and Grandpa were so good with each other; well, that's what everybody thought. I can't exactly say what Grandpa would say to her, but for some reason I've always kept this in my head. Grandma would cough with her mouth closed and didn't cover her mouth. Grandpa would say, 'Cover your mouth, that's nasty.' Then they would start arguing. I never liked it when they argued because it was vicious.

Shanyia was always with our mom. They would always come over to visit. My dad was in jail at the time, so we never saw him. He's got a life sentence. Shanyia never even met him because he got locked up when she was born over some gang related bull. I feel bad for her. How will it feel not knowing your dad? I guess I can answer that. It's like missing a big part of you. I want someone who I can talk to about things I can't talk to my mom about and do things that dads and daughters do. That's what it's like not having your dad around.

My mom had gone to Texas so Shanyia, Orlando and I stayed with our grandma and grandpa. (Mom never wanted to leave Shanyia with anybody.) Diamond and Capone came over to stay with us as well. One night it was everybody at the house including my Uncle Angelo, his wife, and some other little boy. We were all in the basement watching movies. It was getting late so it was time for us kids to go to bed. There was this room in the basement and all of us kids went to lie down. Shanyia stayed in the living room part of the basement with the adults. I think Diamond and I kept talking so we had to go to the upstairs room. There were bunk beds and we both were on the top bunk talking.

I remember when I used to go to bed Grandma would tuck me in and say, 'Sweet dreams, don't let the bed bugs bite.' I loved it a lot. It meant so much to me that she tucked me in almost every night. It showed that she cared for me and she wanted me to sleep well. Bed time was one of the biggest things I was looking forward to in each day. Grandma always made me feel special.

Diamond and I were on the top bunk talking and we heard this gun shot. BOOM! It was really loud, but we thought it was outside so we didn't think too much about it. Orlando, Capone and that other boy were in the basement room still. Everybody else was in the living room part, including Shanyia. I guess Grandma and Grandpa were arguing by the stairs. So Orlando stood by the room door and watched. Next thing you know BOOM! She was shot in the back. It's real sad that Orlando a four year old boy had to see something so tragic like that. I wish he didn't have to see anything so horrible. (I believe that there was more to why grandpa shot her though.)

While Diamond and I were upstairs not knowing what happened, Orlando came upstairs. He was crying deeply, tears streaming down his caramel colored cheeks. Then here comes Capone and the other boy. I don't remember where Shanyia was. Orlando told us what happened. We started crying out of control. Uncle Angelo came in and told us everything will be all right. We all waited scared and nervously until the cops and ambulance came.

Grandpa had run off and I bet it was because he was scared and he realized what he had done. Grandma was lying on the blue carpet of the basement floor suffering because she has been shot. The ambulance took her to the hospital; she died there at about 10:15 p.m.

At about 10 p.m. Grandpa turned himself in. He was sentenced life in prison. It was sad for all of us. What has our world come to? I wish he would have thought before he killed a mother, daughter, Grandma, and a loving person. He just had to take her life away. I know now that I'm older that she's in a better place away from all this hatred and violence. I just wish I could have spent at least one more day or a week, a month, a year with my Grandma Edna.

Since the shooting I've only talked to Grandpa Angelo once or twice. It was awkward talking to him but I don't know if I ever will again. I don't hate him, but I do dislike him because he took one of the best things that could have ever happened to me or us away. It hurts so badly.

I remember when I was in the fourth grade; I used to always cry every time I thought about my grandma. I would just lay down, listen to music and cry my sad self to sleep. I don't cry anymore but I know my heart is still swollen from what happened. I still keep Grandma in my mind. I love her and will always remember her in my heart.

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