The Armenian Genocide

December 18, 2008
By Hovsep Pogosian, Glendale, CA

The Armenian Genocide, also known as the Armenian Holocaust, Armenian Massacres, or Armenian Calamity, took place in the year of 1915, which was before and after World War I. That year, specifically April 24, 1915, shall be the most depressing and sad day for all Armenians around the world. The Turks, who planned this Massacre, killed 1.5 million Armenians. The Ottoman Empire which contained Turks had planned to kill all Armenians in the world and only keep one. They had planned it this way, so that they can keep this Armenian in the museum, and so that people can see how much of this torture us Armenians have gone through. And they really thought that this plan would become successful. What a shame it was for the Turks to create such chaos with the Armenians.

People always ask why we should still remember this tragic event if it has already been 93 years since then and the massacre happened over 8,000 miles away from us. I always try to spread whatever I can to people who are not educated in this, so that they can know who we are and where we come from. I tell them why we still fight for what happened, and we will never stop fighting until we get back whatever that we owned. During this Massacre, the Turks took away 1.5 million people, and also took a great deal of land from us. What used to be our Armenia isn’t the same now days. The Armenia that we have is only one-third the Armenia we had back in the days before this Genocide.

We Armenians will never stop fighting for this cause. We need a big apology from them and we also need our lands back. Even the apology wouldn’t mean anything compared to what these animals did to us. They sexually raped, abused, and harassed our women and even little children, they forced many families out of their houses and into “Concentration Camps”, they tortured our men by hanging and shooting them, and they humiliated us in such bad ways, that we will never forget it in our lives.

Every year, we get together and we remember the day of the deaths of 1.5 million Armenians. We gather in nearby cities and we march through streets yelling quotes that the Turkish shall pay and that nobody else has a fault in this Massacre except the Turks and only the Turks. “Turkey run, Turkey hide, Turkey’s guilty of Genocide. 1915 Never Again!” As there are many people in the middle of the street yelling those main quotes I stated, there are helicopters and cameras everywhere filming us and showing everyone out here in the world that we still haven’t forgotten and we never will. It shows them that we have a point for doing this every year, gathering thousands of Armenians and walking for many miles demanding our land back.

As everyone in our society can see, we have many reasons for what we fight for and we shall not stop until we get what we demand. There shouldn’t be any chaos in the world, and also, the Turks shouldn’t really be lagging this situation. The more they lag and never speak up and admit that they are wrong, the more we are going to step up and prove ourselves right. Never again, shall anyone embarrass or harass anyone in this world again, like the Turks harassed us Armenians in 1915.

The author's comments:
What inspired me to write about The Armenian Genocide, is the fact that the Turks wanted to keep only a single Armenian in a museum and kill the rest, and also that they succeeded their goal of killing 1.5 million Armenians. I hope the reader feels where I am from and what my ancestors had to suffer back in the days.

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