January 15, 2009
By halie green rapper jennings, Shelbyville, IL

As the car came to a stop, and the radio started playing yet another Brittney Spears song.
I thought to myself, “The very first day of kindergarten, it can’t be so bad.”
Until I opened the car door and felt the warm humid air hitting my face. The wind started pushing the leaves off the branches one by one as if trying to say “it’s your time to go.” When a bell rang teachers started calling name by name until a lady named Miss Snider called mine, she was really tall with black short hair. She took us into what looked like a big brick jail cell above it was big lettering that said Moulton Middle School. On another side were many tall kids in a different side of the jail place than us. There were long rusty bars separating us from the big kids.
I felt it. The bars felt like the coldest of cold stones. When we went into the classroom and I started feeling strange feeling in my stomach but I just thought it was just because I was excited. I was so excited about school the time just went by, but my stomach ache kept coming back, like a fish kept coming back to the water to breathe.
So I told the teacher as if to get relief, I felt like I was going to be sick. But sadly she did not believe me so the sicker I felt the longer class got and it sucked. It was lunch time and I could barley move, when I got in the cafeteria I saw the brown and yellow gunk they were trying to shove down are throats. Then it came to, I thought to myself, “I have to get out of here!”
So I shoved every body out of the way and threw-up in the hall wow! That felt good and that was the good news, bad news was that my teacher was right in front of me, yikes! Scared half to death I ran to the classroom to hide. I was not the best hider though and coarse she found me. She let me lay down on a little bed and I fell into a heavy sleep, when I woke my dad was there talking to miss. Snider, me still scared ran to my dad I tried to hide behind him (not my best idea). Shockingly she said, “Sorry for not believing you.” My dad took me home, drifting into another heavily sleep I thought “Yes! Finally I get to go home, sweet, sweet home.”

The author's comments:
i'm a 14 year old Capricorn that's half emo.

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