From The Bottle to Tragedies

January 14, 2009
Isn’t it bad enough knowing a loved one just died-but knowing they died from under aged drinking? Studies show that under aged drinking can cause tragedies such as; motor vehicle crashes, unintentional injuries, homicides, and suicides. Under aged drinking is getting way out of hand. I’ve taken my share of learning about under aged drinking. One fact that I know is that “90% of college rapes occur when alcohol is involved.”

Under aged drinking can also get parents or adults charged. When parents aren’t around and a couple of kids decide to throw a party without their parent’s permission, alcohol may be snuck into the party, without the adults knowing. If one of the kids intoxicates themselves to much, it may lead to unconsciousness or even death. When the police find out what happen, they don’t charge the kids, they charge the adults. Even though the adults didn’t provide the alcohol they are stilled charged because they were responsible for the kids.

Some colleges are even thinking about dropping the drinking age from twenty one to eighteen. They are doing it to prevent binge drinking on campuses. Binge drinking is when a person drinks heavily throughout several days. A large opposition group, Mothers Against Drunk Driving, argue that a change in the drinking age will cause more fatalities. MADD is also accusing colleges of looking for an easy way out of the binge drinking problem.

Under aged drinkers as just as dumb as donkeys, and don’t know what type of situations they are getting themselves into. Death caused by under aged drinking, leaves family members and friends upset and scarred. The situation is even worse when the person that gets killed wasn’t even the “drinker.” Of course, the case could also be that the “victim” made the mistake of drinking, and drank themselves to death, or had a life-threatening accident from what the alcohol did to the brain.

Alcohol does many harsh things to the adolescent brain. It can impact on long-term thinking and memory skills. When a person is intoxicated, they cannot think clearly, and the alcohol affect can make them do stupid things…like make the drinker feel invincible. It also will impair their judgment.

The legal age to start drinking is twenty one. When youth constantly drink, they consume up to four or five drinks at one time. Ages twelve to twenty years drink 11% of all alcohol consumed in the U.S. 60% of college women were under the influence of alcohol when they had intercourse, and now have sexually transmitted diseases such as, AIDS and Genital herpes.

Is drinking really worth putting yourself and others in danger? Teens know what drinking does to the body. Teens know what the legal age to start drinking is. Teens know the consequences of under aged drinking, but do they care?

Even though over the past twelve years some student drinking behaviors have dropped as much as 35% it’s still horrible to know that the other 65% is still making the wrong choice.

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