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December 2, 2008
By SkaterGurl17 GOLD, Jasper, Georgia
SkaterGurl17 GOLD, Jasper, Georgia
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well..i have always been more of a black sheep in the family. i guess i always felt diffrent. i grew up im a small town with a christian family wasn't always the picture perfect church going family i remember my younger years my parents went to bars and my brother and sister and myself only had each other. everynight we would entertain each other we grew as bestfriends.we had meals my parents never left us without anything it was just hard growing up without parents home everynight... years passed away and my family got back in church and life started to change my sister ended up with two kids un married and my brother hes always be smart and the sweet young minister.
i was the youngest and i had the hardest time spending time with my family i gained bad habits at the age of 14 and when my family moved me to a small town where my mothers family lived. i went crazy! everything was diffrent but after a sometime i started to chill out and get use to the new life i dad and my brother started working for a company that went out of business, so they got together with their partner and built up another company by the time i was 15 and everything fell into place i had a boring desk job even though it got pretty lame at times as a homeschool student i loved it. one day the company my dad and brother bult up had a little get together for one of our small town parades, i met a family member of their partner.his name was Drew.right then and there i fell head of heels. he was older alot older! 12 years older!!!!!!!!!!!! i saw him every now and then it was such a small town so i knew it would be easy to see him around. almost year went by when my sister told me to message him on a site. so i did just that! after a couple weeks of talking online i gave him my cell number and he gave me his. i was sixteen years old going wild again i hid it from my family all besides my brother and sister.
after a a few days oh chatting on line we started hanging out, holding hands and kissing! it didnt take too long we was dating! and i was happy!!!
i was in the car with my family once and my dad said something about Drew being a drug adic..i was shocked i didnt think it could be true! i also heard Drew had anger issues..the next day i found out my dad was right about the drug problem and about a month i found out my dad was right about the anger problems! i started having the same bad habits as my boyfriend Drew and i often cried myself to sleep because of his moodswings that often had him yelling at me.. he ended up blowing me off for a few days and when he came back around we broke up. my family found out about our secret hook up and was so mad at me and more him because he was older.he started rumors about me and turned so many people agasnt me. i dont regret him because i went after what i wanted and got it! i also learned a few lessons and i still to this day think that age is just a number

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i'm young always been hyper and have always stuck out ive been a cheerleader and skateboarder.and i have always been a risk taker.

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