Mask Essay

December 1, 2008
By Brady Valdez, Park City, UT

Masks, masks hide our true selfs why do we were these masks of invincibility. Teen's cover up who we are or wear "masks" to acquire a sense of belonging to society.

why do we wear "masks"? the "mask" of hidden emotions. why do we wear this "mask" instead of no "mask" at all? is because we feel we must be strong around others. is it for popularity.

Should we wear "masks"? we usually wear "masks" and act different because our normal self might be weird. Are we really that embarrassed by our selfs. If so why? why are we so afraid to be our true selfs?

If you have something that you must truly hide then hide it wit a "mask". "Masks" are for hiding and locking away secrets. what kind of dark secrets do we hide that require a "mask". Why do we wear this "mask"? this "mask" in my opinion is one we all wear, not just certain people

Teens cover up who they are or wear "masks" to acquire a sense of belonging to society. Like the "mask" of hidden emotions, the "mask" of change" for popularity, and the "mask" of locked away and hidden secrets.

So stop and think what mask do you wear.

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