I`m Right Here!!

December 12, 2008
By Lois Jem Vanguardia, Dipolog, ZZ

Here I am. Hello? Everybody I’m here. I’m right here. I’m right in front of you. Look at me moping around like this. Its beginning to be a pestiferous of me longing for the attention of the whole world. Hello? Can anybody here me? Can anybody actually see me? Well the answer to my most obvious question is still recognizable. Its still a good sentence and it also consists of a good answer. But is someone noticing me about it. No! Frustrating and irritating it seems to be left alone to be....to be invisible to everyone. Where there about 6 billion people out there what are the odds of me being the one ignored. The odds are one in a million. Yet I have to be one. Ugh! How can others be despicable about this? Even my "so-called" friends are ignoring me. Okay maybe I’m just exaggerating things but I feel this is the truth. This is the painful truth. The truth, that not only I know, but so does everyone. The inseparable truth that not only is hard to engulf at a particular time.... but also the truth that keeps you biting your lip not to tell it. Yes, a lie.... lies, lies, lies nothing more but lies. No one can escape the fact that not anyone or everyone is honest. not everyone can tell the truth and spurt it all around without the knowledge of being accused form their backs or the overcastting shame that keeps your pride in tact for every lie that you for tell. But what does it have to do with me. What doe it has to do with an insignificant and innocent girl that only wants to be noticed. A girl, that only wants to be part of something worth while. Something that she and everyone that does no her, can be proud, with a thumbs up from pa and a chin up fro ma. if any human being can accomplish this hard-to-get-dream.... then what would she regret about when she has already completed her dream. What would she mumble about when it is her time to cross the other dimension where happiness has no limit? Nothing. Not a single word of regret will come out if that’s the case. what would she want than her dream come true. Again, nothing. But as years pass by the girls is having second thoughts. if the considered facts are true. if there is no one there to notice her. Then how could she expect attention to the whole world if she can’t eve get the attention of the whole class in school but that’s not the only problem. One of which is the un denying truth that she lives in a small city where least attention is considered. Yes, that would be a problem. Don’t get me wrong a spoiled brat is not the concept of this matter but only concerns other people out there who has much greater talent to be discovered than those talents who are merely deceitful ones.

What was she going to do now? More importantly what is she going to do next.....continue a dream...or live a life with no passion.....?

The author's comments:
I got this idea from a certain friend of mine who tries really really hard to be noticed...How unfair could that be?Right? when there are almost 6 billion people out there this certain girl needs to be left out...

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on Jan. 7 2009 at 11:36 am
Its good, might need some editing but its good. very creative. and i could mention that u r observant....


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