Surprising Cats

October 1, 2008
I first saw my cat in a bathroom. It was the first day of Hanukah 2007. That was the day I got my second cat, but I had received her as a surprise. I had almost gotten my first cat as a surprise too. My first cats name was Addy. I was at piano and at piano and they had some fish there.
“I wish I had a pet,” I was telling my mom.
“You will,” my mom told me,” grandma and dad are getting a cat today,” I had been so shocked. That was my first pet ever. I had been speechless and had many questions. That was exactly how I felt when I saw Dolly, my second cat.
It all started when I decided to look for cats at the Oregon Humane Society. My grandma and I saw a beautiful cat that looked like Addy (Addy ran away). The cat had a description that fit exactly what we wanted. Her name was Patricia. We wanted to go to adopt her that day, but it was too late at night. So we went the next day. My mom took us after my school got out, but when we got there it turned out someone had come earlier and taken her. My grandma got so upset that she didn’t want to see any other cats. I tried to persuade her to look at other cats, but she just shook her head. We had to go home. I kept looking online hoping to see another cat like Patricia. If I saw a cat that I liked online, my grandma would look at her and say: yes, no or maybe. If we saw one we both liked we’d hop in the car as soon as we could and drive to the Oregon Humane Society.
Usually the cats we liked ended up being feisty or very sleepy. We never found a cat in between. There was one gray kitty who I adored. She was only 2 months old. She was in a room with other young cats like her. When my grandma and I walked through the doors to the Oregon Human Society we saw her jumping and clawing fiercly at others cats. She was jumping off the doors. Her little tail was jutted up in the air. The tail was not thicker then a finger. We did not get her.
There had been another cat that my grandma had liked. I did not like that cat, because she did not play at all and was getting old. She was pure white. Wherever we went to the OHS, my grandma would ask to see her. At the OHS there are some small rooms in the corner of the cat place. In the rooms there is a bench and a toy. One of the people who worked there got the cat that my grandma liked and placed her in one of the rooms with my grandma and I. She was really nice and affectionate. She would sit on my grandma’s lap and purr, while my grandma stroked her back. One time the cat did not like something and bit my grandma. She bit her between her thumb and her pointer finger. Only a dot of blood came out. It was not bad at all, but they still made my grandma sign some papers. It was hard for my grandma to do that because she does not speaks very much English. I helped her with the forms. They had to put the cat in a special room for ten days. She was not available to anyone for that long. Soon after that we had given up looking for cats. But I didn’t give up hope. Perhaps my grandma would go on the bus to the OHS and get a cat. Everyday when I came home from school, I asked my grandma, “Did you get a cat?” The answer was always “No”. After a while I stopped asking.
Like I said in the beginning it was the first day of Hanukah 2007 when I got my second cat. I came home from synchronized swimming. My hair was wet and I was tired. My dad had driven me home. My family and I said our usual hellos. My grandma came up to me. ‘There is a problem in the bathroom, that only you can fix,” my grandma told me. I was confused thinking that it was something small that only I could reach. I wondered over to the bathroom. I opened the door and there sitting on a little stool was a kitten. The kitten was a little bit smaller then a sheet of paper. She was a domestic short haired tabby. Her name was Pretzel. “I thought I heard a meow, “my dad laughed. My grandama had taken the bus and gotten the cat. We somehow renamed her Dolly. I felt like hugging my whole family and screaming with joy. Which I did, after picking up my new cat. I spent the whole evening playing with my cat. I still play with my cat every evening. She as still as cute as she was the first day I saw her in a bathroom.

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