My Race

November 6, 2008
Our heat was sitting in a circle. Everyone was focusing on what lay ahead. The constant pounding of feet against the concrete was all I could hear. It helped me focus. Focus on the one thing I’ve been preparing for, for the past 7 months. It was going to be great, it was going to be intense, and it was going to be a dream comes true. Physically I was prepared, but mentally is what makes or breaks my race. Then the time came, it was time for out heat to walk out to none other than the infamous Bon Jovi song (It’s My Life). I was decked out in my Bon Jovi shirt, my red pants, and of course my lucky green crocs and green goggles. The announcer called all out one names and mine was last. I was favored to win this race. It was my best race, my favorite race, and everyone had faith in it. I knew it was now or never and gave everything I possibly had at that moment. I remember only taking 3 breaths and that I was ahead at the turn. I sprinted my guts out until the end. And in the few seconds I had after I touched the wall, I prayed mighty hard. It was finally time to look up. My eyes searched for my name first, I found it at the TOP. I was first by .13 seconds. Turns out I truly was mentally prepared and to this day I still look to that race to see how I can mentally prepare myself.

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