Do sports build better charachter?

October 31, 2008
I think sports play a big role in how you act in everyday life. If you are part of a team, then you know you have to act with respect, responsibility, and dignity. Team members have certain guidelines that they have to follow.

When you think about the people who are not in teams, clubs, or in any activities, there is nothing for them to really do. Nothing do to soon leads to getting in trouble, missing school, or finding other things to so that maybe are not good.

By being in activities, it involves practice, and if you miss practice you can’t participate in the games, therefore you will not want to miss school. If you do not show up to school, you can’t come to practice, and if you don’t go to practice that means no playing time.
In sports it teaches you how to become a better person, shows you how to work together, and helps you form friendships with certain people you would have never even thought about.

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