Happiness and Joy

October 4, 2008
For Mom and Dad

Once when I was a little boy, I was obsessed with Sonic the Hedgehog. I loved to play the video games and I loved the TV show. But one thing I always wanted was an action figure of that show and game. Even though we searched for just one for years, I would not give up finding just one. Until soon I thought that it was only available in Japan, since it was made from Japan. So I asked my parents to go to Japan. I asked again, and again, and again, and again, and again. But they just said no, and no, and no, and no, and no. So then I said, “Fine, we’ll just keep looking.” So a few months later we found a store that had all kinds of action figures from video games and TV shows. I was getting my hopes up of finding one from Sonic the Hedgehog while searching aisle after aisle, until I found one Sonic the Hedgehog action figure. It brought me happiness and joy while running to my parents to tell them what I saw. But when I came back to show them where it was, it was gone. I became very furious while saying, “Its not fair, its not fair!” all the way until Christmas. I was opening up my presents not very satisfyingly because of that action figure. But then there was one last present for me from my mom and dad. I was curious to find out what it was. And when I opened it up I was so happy, because there was what I always wanted, a Sonic the Hedgehog action figure. My parents must’ve bought it behind my back. My happiness and joy came back because of those two. I love them very much.

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