The Kid Across The Street

October 3, 2008
Abusers. Racists. Criminals. Rapists. Murderers. Robbers. When you hear these names, you may think of an event that you can relate to or think of an story. But when these words come to my mind, i think of a 6 year old boy, riding his tricyle across the street. He looks so happy. The only responsibilty he has was to feed his fish. He doesn't have to live up to anyones expectations and has no worries in life so far. After's his legs got tired of pedaling his bike, he finds an ant hill. He runs inside and grabs a maginfying glass. He situates the glass under the summer sun, and watches the ants die. He may not realize it now, but ants do have families, jobs, and emotions.

This little boy has 2 paths he can choose. But which one to pick? By the time hes 16, he chooses his path. Unfortunately, he picks the wrong one, during a foggy time in his life. It blinded him from the good road. He starts to beat up kids, drugs, alcohol, and a gang. His parents have also decided to get divorved and no one wants custody. He turns to the gang for love. But that isn't the same love your blood can give you. A gang attack, or jump, goes too far and a soul is perished. Just 10 years ago, this was the same little boy playing on a tricycle and killing ants. Like all little boys.

Driving down Main St, you see plenty of normal people walking by. ALthough they look like an average Jane, looks can also be decieving. That cute, innocent kid you remember watching, burning ants and playing with chalk, just might turn out to be a abuser, racist, robber, rapist, murderer, or simply a criminal. And I wonder, will he then feel the pain of the ants he killed?

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