a strange man

October 14, 2008
I saw a strange man looking at me. When I found out it was my grandpa I ran and gave him a big hug. Grandpa Jimmy said, “Hello! How are you doing?” I replied, “I am great now that I am here!”
I went to see my grandma Emma; she was watching my cousin Dominic because his mom was at the store buying stuff for his birthday party in two days.
That day we went to the ice cream store and I got a chocolate ice cream cone. I was so happy that I was spending time with my grandpa before I had to leave in a few days; I was with my grandpa Jimmy and my cousin Dominic we had a lot of fun throwing ice cream at each other.
We stayed up all night and ate chips, candy, and ice cream; my favorite foods. Then my mom walked in and saw we were still up. Mom asked, “Jimmy, have you went to bed yet?” I said, “No.” Then we got in trouble. My grandpa said, “It is my fault that we stayed up all night, I wanted to spend more time with Jimmy before I have to leave tomorrow.”
My mom not that mad but I still could not go anywhere; she got over it and we went to go to my cousin house. To spend hour with my family. It was time to leave we said good bye and we started to go to the car. The tires were flat and we hade to stay there for two more days.
It was Monday and we had school back in Sidney and we could not make it. They had school in Alliance we had no one to play with so we were so bored. That I took a nap around 12:45 p.m. my grandpa Jimmy woke me up at 2:15 because it was time for school to get out in 15 minutes; we can go get my cousin.
We went to the park after school to celebrate my cousin Birthday we had cake, ice cream, and lots of games. We played football; basketball, tag, and hide in seek. I went to hide and met someone that I never seen before, it was a girl her. I told my grandpa Jimmy I met some one new I said “who is it” He told me her name is Danielle.
Jimmy told me that he knew her because my cousin and she were friends.
We hung out all day and talked about stuff that was going on in her life. I did not know that someone could have traveled so many places in three years. I headed back to my grandma Emma’s house. They had the tire on and ready to go. I packed my stuff in the car. I said good-bye to every one. We were on the road and by the time I knew it I was back home.

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