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   The Freedom to Make Money

by H. H., Tyngsborough, MA

I'm beginning to have a problem with people's complaints about the high pay athletic stars receive.

Critics say stars don't deserve million-dollar salaries and want this money to go to people who really deserve it and aren't paid enough. I agree that the distributioon of wealth is somewhat unfair, but I have to remind these people that this is one of the most important freedoms we have in the United States - capitalism.

Sports stars get paid what they do because they have excelled at something few others have. Where do critics think this money comes from? No one takes it directly from the paychecks of firefighters and teachers. No, it is we the American public who have made these salaries so ridiculous. By spending such an enormous amount of money on professional sports - buying the products advertised during televised games, even attending the games themselves - we provide the cash that lines the athletes' pockets. Frankly, police officers don't receive a bonus when they arrest criminals because there's no money in it. This may be a sad reflection on our society, but it's the truth.

If people still disagree with being paid for achievement, then I suggest they find a nice Commnist country, if they can, and see how they like it. I prefer to stick with capitalism, where people are paid not necessarily what they deserve, but what other people are willing to pay for their services. If people have a serious objection to the high salaries paid to sports stars, then just don't pay for the sports.

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