The 'L' Word

November 10, 2013
No matter how much a human being tries to be strong, he needs someone.
Someone to look out for him, someone to care about him, someone to let him know that he is never alone in adversity, someone who is willing to make compromises for his sake.
In this fast-paced world, we have become so obsessed with the ideas of popularity and success that we overlook the fact that there needs to be a person to share it with us. It happens to me too. There is nothing more important for me than success and recognition.Until a few days back, I was of the opinion that 'I really don't care if I am all alone, as long as I am famous and rich. But, after giving my ideas a lot of thought, my opinion changed immediately.
NO! I don't want to be alone. I want that special someone in my life, regardless if I am famous or not. I want somebody to share my happiness and to tell me "it's alright" when times are glum. Materialistic happiness is momentary. It does not guarantee 'happily ever after'. Well, yeah this sounds cliche, but what else can give you more happiness than waking up next to someone who is never leaving you?
Some people dread the thought of loving somebody because of fear of losing that person. I have it too! I mean, come on! I had two boyfriends, both cheated on me. But, I am not losing hope. Why should I when I know that life is waiting to give me a huge surprise? Believe it or not, good people enter our life. It is up to us to allow them to become 'that special someone. We can't just close ourselves like that. Everyone deserves to be happy!
Well, I really want money, a luxurious condo, fame, etc.But I want someone with me. We all do!

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