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Aunt Jeal E. MAG

By Alyshia B., Shreveport, LA

     What is a hero? To me a hero does not have to be big or strong but rather is someone who is loving and cares about others. In my life, this person is Aunt Jeal.

My aunt is a strong black woman who has been through a lot. She is the mother of one but we feel she is a mother to us all. She is a hard worker and a survivor. In many ways, she feels her life began when she went to college. She worked hard to get where she is now: a nurse at the Veterans Administration hospital with 20 years of experience.

A year ago she battled breast cancer and her long, pretty hair fell out because of the medication. These days she keeps her hair short, which looks very nice on her. I am so glad that she is doing well and the cancer is gone, which is why I say she is a survivor.

The loving and caring person she is shows through each and every day. She does whatever she can for whomever, whenever she can. I always go to her for anything that I need, whether a school project or just to talk. She is always there with an open ear and a free spirit.

My aunt Jeal is the greatest hero to me and now everyone knows why. She is the one who can pick you up when you are down and the one I admire most. I couldn‘t ask for a better person in my life. I love her with all my heart and hope that she will always stay the same loving person she is.

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