Birth of my angel

October 2, 2008
By Trina Bhattarai, Andover, KS

BOOM! RIIIINNNGGG! Ugly discordant sounds of the thunder and unforgiving alarm slapped me out of sleep. Following my instinct, I turned off the alarm and crept back to into my sweet dream. As I waited for a dream to wrap me in its warmth, I suddenly realized what day it was. Jolting out of bed, I rushed to the bathroom and let the cold water dissolve the sleepiness in me. In the living room, my parents were scurrying around and gathering items such as blanket with a cute giraffe on it, a soft stuffed sheep, diapers, and puny clothes that only Barbie dolls could possibly fit in.

This is not a normal day. Nope. Today happens to be an extremely special day to my family. Today is February 17, the day when my brother will finally show his face, the face that he has hidden from me for nine unbearable months. Impatiently the clock screamed at us to drive to the hospital. My mom, dad and I slid into our car with a smile on our faces. There was a car seat placed besides me and I could not wait to see the person who will occupy it in the near future. The weather however was not agreeing with my joy today. Upset clouds have been crying all night and the cold chills shot shivers down my spine.

Once we got to the hospital, we settled ourselves into the pale room we were given. Marcie, generous nurse watched and fulfilled my mom’s needs. Despite the delight that day brought me, I was unbelievably concerned about my mom. Anxiousness thinned, knowing my mom will be fine in the hands of Nurse Marcie.

My family drifted into a comforting silence, each one of us occupied in our daydreaming. A picture of a young smiling toddler spread across my mind. I saw myself fussing over his hair and obsessing about his outfit. Loving him will be too easy. He had already conquered my heart and he had not even been born yet! Glancing over at my parents, I noticed their smiles had not been erased yet either. Ha! Poor boy will soon have to suffer through my dad’s awkward dances and mom’s long lectures. It would be lovely though, seeing someone suffer with me.

Almost too soon, it was time for me to step out of the room. People in the waiting in room all seemed crazy with anxiousness. A chuckle slipped out of my lips. Of course, after a few minutes I was one of the eager people. Magazine pages flipped too fast, feet tapped away and furious glances thrown at the clock because it moved excessively slowly. Sour acid swirled in my stomach and sometimes swam up to my mouth. Visualizing my mom’s pain and distress did not better the situation either. Occasionally, I would see a toddler running across the hall, his eyes filled with glee which triggered my smile but then worried eyebrows instantly followed.

During this time, I fantasized my dad waltzing out of the room and welcoming me to come in. Would he jump up and down? Would he scream? Would he cry? Nothing from my fantasies prepared me for his bizarre reaction. When he came out of the room, calmness radiated his face. His voice, almost in a whisper asked me if I would like to see my baby brother. Was he crazy? Of course, I want to see him. Plus, what is up with the calmness? I thought.
Confused I followed him into the room. A piercing sound filled the room, realizing that sound belonged to the one and only, I followed the sound quickly to a tiny creature whose arms were flying everywhere while Marcie cleaned him. Jealously filled my body while Marcie enjoyed her time with the bundle of joy.

Finally, my dad settled him on my longing arms. Only then, I understood the reason behind my dad’s calmness. Serenity seemed to be the building block of the baby and any sign of excitement and chaos would certainly break him. The beauty he contained brought a lump to my throat. Doe-like eyes searched the traces of my face while promising a fulfilling future. Dark, thick hair populated his head and smooth silk played the part of his skin. Oh! His angelic face dazzled me off my feet. My heart was floating on cloud nine and my body was singing a lovely tune when he batted his long eyelashes at me. Uncertain melodic noise rolled off his tongue as if he did not know what to say. I however, had plenty to say to him. Holding him up against my face, I whispered that I loved him more than anything in this world. At that moment, I could have sworn his stunning eyes twinkled. Swaying him slightly, I took him to our mom and reluctantly gave him up. She started admiring him as well while I cuddled against her, glad that she looked well. Sneaking behind me, my dad put his arms around my mom and the three of us adored the new member in our family nested on my mom’s arms. The future promised bliss and trouble but for that moment, nothing else mattered more than the three of us snuggling and enjoying the warmth of Rabi.

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on Oct. 18 2008 at 2:17 am
Tirna you've always been smart and good girl.This article is one of the amazing and best creation. You have always made us proud.


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