Covered in Mud

September 24, 2008
By Katie Barker, Jonesboro, AR

There have been a few times that I have witnessed bullying. One of the times that I will never forget was at church. There was a big mud pit and water slide that most people that were there, came for. My friends and I were playing in it when we looked over and saw two boys throwing a boy smaller than them, deep into the mud. We thought they were just playing around him at first, but then he started crying. Mainly because he was completely covered in mud from head to toe in mud. You couldn’t even see his face. We asked him if he was okay and helped him up. He had to be less than eight years old. He told us that he was okay and then went to get washed off. By then, the boys that had bullied him had already run away. We went back to what we were doing but that is one night that I will never forget.

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