The Hardest Moments of My Life

September 19, 2008
By Anonymous

One of the hardest moments of my life was when I was in here, witch is in Boise Idaho and my uncle who is going to be the one who I’m going to talk about, live
in Mexico and he also was my favorite uncle because he was respectful, kind, friendly, nice and responsible.
My aunt who lives in Mexico call my mom and my aunt was crying then my mom was asking her what was happening and she tell her that my uncle had an accident and my mom start crying too. Then, she didn’t want to tell my sister and I what was happening. She just tells us that she was going to Mexico with my other aunt that lives in Boise. The next day she was getting ready to go to Mexico, later on when my mom was gone my sister ask,
“Dad why was my mom crying when she was talking to my aunt?”
My dad replied sadly, “Because your uncle died.”
When I hear that I felt like hundred pounds where weighted on to me.
My sister and I started crying.
We asked him when my mom was coming back and he replied like in three months. We also asked him how he died he said that he was drunk and he was riding a horse and he felt and he get his head really hard and that how he died. When he told us that I feel like a “lonely puppy in a rainy dark scary city”, all tree months I miss my mom and when she came back I was so but so happy and at the same time very sad too.
That was the worst day in my whole life as you can see in the story because my uncle was a very nice person.

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