Reno, Nevada

September 19, 2008
In June of 2003, my family and I went to Reno, Nevada for a vacation. We went to Circus Circus that day. It was very big and loud because the elephants were stomping so hard it felt like an earthquake, they looked like giants from the fairy tale books, it was like being an ant. I thought they were going to step on me and my family. When my family and I were looking around, and for some reason they lost me and I was very scared because I didn’t know anyone at all. It was like I was the only little kid there, it felt like people after me I didn’t even know!

Then I started walking around frightened and scared. It was like no one didn’t even know I was even there, they just walk right by. Pushing and shoving, I fell to the ground, tired because of all the crying I did. No one heard me because of all the elephants trumpeting, all the talking, the laughter of parents and their kids, remembering that I had lost my parents?

Then I prayed. I prayed to God Almighty. What I said was, “God, please let my prays come true, please make my mom reappear, in gods name, amen.” Then out of nowhere here comes my mom coming. She swooped me up and hugged me till I was blue, and I promised to her I would never wander off from her again.

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Fakesmile said...
Jan. 5, 2012 at 3:19 pm
I loved the way you described the situation. Very well written thank you for the short story :)
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