The Scary Cemetery!!!

September 19, 2008
By Karmyn Anderson -Ragsdale, Boise, ID

My dad’s boss offered for my family and me to go to Atlanta Idaho for a couple of days with his family. Well my family thought it could be really cool to go to Atlanta so we went up there for a couple of days to go camping. (Actually it wasn’t really camping because it was in a 3 bedroom cabin but it was still like camping) so my family and I drove over there the drive took 4 and a half hours. Well the next day Ken’s (my dad’s boss) 3 of 5 kids, my sister and I went to the cemetery up the street.
Now you’re not going to believe me but I will tell you anyway all 5 of us saw a teddy bear by the entrance of the cemetery and well lexie and I touched the teddy bear. “Put that down.” commanded Natasha. So we did even though she was younger but she was smart. so we put it next to the entrance of the cemetery and we went to go look at the other graves and we saw this tree it was a really cool tree it had wind chimes on it and a little toy cabin house they were both hanging in the tree and the little toy cabin house that was hanging in the tree had a name on it and the name was the name on the grave so my friends and I thought it was kind of cool.
Well we went on the other side of the tree and the teddy bear was there and my friends and I were a little freaked out cause it was just by the entrance.
So we left there because we were more than freaked out! So we left but we all had to agree not to tell our parents so we didn’t. Well after lunch we went back to the cemetery.

The teddy bear was by the entrance again but that was ok cause maybe some one moved it at least that’s what we were hoping then my friends showed me and my sister a grave.
It was a little girl when she died she was not even 1 month old so we were really sad.
Well then we found the teddy bear by the tree again so lexie and I decided to just pick it up with sticks and we thought that the teddy bear belonged to the little girl that was just about 1 week and a half old so we picked the teddy bear up (WITH STICKS) and we put it by the little girl’s grave and we put these big thick sticks around the teddy bear and we wrote our names on it and then we left

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