Game Day Baby

September 17, 2008
“ Whooooooh! Its game day, the championship baby we are undefeated”, Evan yells as he passes me on the way to class.
“Yea I know, but don’t think that we are going to win the championship, because the team we are playing are just as good as we are.”
“But we got you on our team, so you know we’ll win “, encourages Evan.
“No no Evan don’t leave it up to me to win the game”.
“Now Todd you’re on the school’s basketball team in 6th grade said Evan.”
“But it’s not like this is school ball its rec ball, and I don’t even start for the school team” “I mean yea I’ve played in the games, but its not like im the best “.
Then I walked away an as im walking down the hall way it seems as if I couldn’t think of any thing but the game that day. It’s getting annoying because I can’t think about school with the game stuck in my head. So as the day go’s on lunch came im hungry but it’s if I can’t eat im so nervous, but the day ends its 3:00 the game starts at 5:00.

I go home and my uncle is there im telling him I know every one is looking up to me to win this game, but they need to know they’re on that court too, but all my uncle can say is good luck and do the best on that court tonight.

Game time, boy im nervous my hands are shaking I cant sit still as they call the line up number 15 one hundred pounds the shooting guard Evan Brewer I knew I was next, but all I can think about is what if I do bad, but there’s not time for that! Number 14 ninety pounds’s the point guard Todd Penny, the crowd goes’s crazy WHOOOOOOOOOH WHOOOOOOOOH is all I can hear.

The tip off comes we win the tip off. As I take the ball down court my hands shaking I pass it to Evan he passes it back BOOM I nailed the 3-pointer boy I was felling good, it seems as if all the nervousness went away, ok there’s 5-secoundes on the clock my heart is pounding threw my chest I can barley breath as we are down by 2-points I passed it to Marquavin our center he passes it back I shoot the jump shot 3 knowing we are down by 2-points BOOM! I made the shot we won the championship game, I can’t believe it! The crowd is roaring, and going crazy, but the Evan runs up and “says I knew you would win it for us”, “no Evan we all won it for all of us”.

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