Soldiers Camouflage Uniforms

April 4, 2013
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The Army’s and Marine Corps development of camouflage uniforms. The development of their soldiers camouflage uniforms in my opinion has been happening for several years now. Many years and how much it cost to develop and produce them, the history of development over the years, and the new idea/ development for their uniforms.
Now how much it cost and how long it took to develop the uniforms. Walter Pincus he wanted to know about the militaries development. Now then their uniforms started in 2002 to 2011 so about 10 years, for that time it took over $4 billion dollars to develop and produce the camouflage uniforms. Now then time for the next lesson.
Second now the history of their development. I got this information from Cary B. Russell he was interested in learning about the military and Air Force uniforms. Now the government accountability office picked out the Air Force and military for the development of the airman and combat uniforms in 2002 and 2003. Then throughout 10 years they created two types of desserts, two types of woodlands, and finally three universal uniforms. Now it’s time to tell the third lesson.
Third there new idea/ development of their soldiers uniforms. Michael Hoffman and Mathew Cox these two wanted to know about the latest idea of camouflage development. And now recently the soldiers and air force wanted a camo uniform to work everywhere so the gov’t started developing a new material for the uniforms that lets light bend around them and appears to be part of the background. So this material may render people to be invisible. That’s all the information I have.
So now people can now read about the development of soldier’s camo uniforms of how long it took and amount it cost to develop and produce, their history of development as well, and read about the militaries new idea of camouflage uniform development. And now I know and anyone who reads this will know as well will know about my knowledge and opinion on the camouflage uniform development.

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