Letter from an Ignorant Teenager

March 18, 2013
By Marethyu GOLD, Columbus, Ohio
Marethyu GOLD, Columbus, Ohio
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“No man's knowledge here can go beyond his experience.” - John Locke

Is life as an adult really that amazing? Is there any free time as an adult? What do adults do? Do they work and work and work? Then do they just go home and sleep? Do you lose all of your friends? Is all you have your family and co-workers? Is there any fun in life? What do you do for free time? Why does anyone want to be an adult? All there is to do is work. Right? Is there any enjoyment? Any satisfaction? No. Adults just wake up, work, go to sleep, and rinse and repeat.

But why is this? Shouldn’t life get better as we age? Why does it get worse? Why are left to work on end’s means to earn enough money to eat and have shelter? Why do we do we live? Are we living to earn money and keep living? Why do we bother if we die? Life makes no sense. I might just be an ignorant teenager, but I have to ask, why is life special? Why is being an adult special? Why is our time spent here on Earth dull and boring and we work in order to prolong that dull and boring life?

Why do anything? All we have is our childhood, right? That is when we can run around outside and enjoy ourselves. We have friends and we can live life worry free. But as we age it only goes downhill. We start by getting more work to do. All this work just to get in to another school and to do more work. After that we get a job. This time we get paid to do work, but work is nothing more than a means of prolonging one’s life. So here I am to ask, what is the point? Why do humans prolong our deaths? Why do we fill our lives with sadness and agony and work effortlessly to keep those feelings alive? Is there an escape? I hear that “love” is an escape. Is love really and escape though? Is love so powerful that it can make all the hard work worth every second? Is love able to get you through anything? Is love what keeps us going? Is love the only answer?

I have shut my heart. I do not care for love. I do not care to get close to anyone. I see no point. But will I have to? Will I have to open up my heart and risk more pain just for the chance of love? Will making me vulnerable be the only way I will have the chance at being happy? Must I look at this world as a great place with a wonderful reason to live? Is love my only option? Is there any escape? Do I have to accept the cruelty of this world and keep my heart locked away? Or do I need to release it? Allow it to get more beatings? So many more beatings, until something, - someone- mends it. Is my whole point in life to find someone I can love? To find a reason to live? To give a reason to live? Why would God do this? Why is this human life?? What will happen to me when I become an adult? Will I forget all of my friends? Will I be capable of only eating, working, and sleeping? Is that what my day will contain? Wake up at awful hours to go work for even worse hours all to end with getting back home a few hours before my next shift begins? Living like a zombie? Relying on coffee? What can I do? What should an ignorant teenager like me prepare for? I am confused. I have no idea what to do. Does anyone know what to do?

But do I even want to? Is love a 100% guarantee to happiness? What about divorces? Or if someone gets divorced, did they never really love each other? But how is that possible? Why would they even get married? Was it just an illusion of love? And what about when your loved one gets taken away? What about when your purpose of life disappears? What then? Your reason to live is gone. Do you find a new reason? Do you live on for that reason? Do you give up? What is life like as an adult?

The author's comments:
I am 18 years old and a senior in high school. I am scared about going to college and becoming an adult. I have a lot of questions for my life ahead and these are some things that started flowing through my fingers onto the monitor.

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