January 23, 2008
By burak demir, Istanbul, ZZ

Melda was new at her school also she had some changes in her monotonous

life. Her emotions were altering because she met with a boy named Arda.

Normally , Arda was grotesque , chubby , clumsy , mean boy but in Melda’s

mind he was bold , dynamic and robust.

However , her friend Onur was a bit skeptical about Arda because Onur

inherited some peculiar powers from his grandfather Super B. Super B was the

super hero of the world but he died before Onur’ born. It had been bugging

Melda because Onur was always pessimist about Melda’s boyfriends. Actually,

Melda was beautiful , blonde girl but she had never gave chance to

boys who loved her.

One day , Arda heard that “Melda loves Arda” and he became enraged.

A pathetic plan came to Arda’s mind. He had bad grades from his homework

assigments because he had soccer exercises after school and it cost an arm and a

leg for him. He thought “I will write a note and describe her in the note. I will

put that note under her desk and she will do my homeworks.” He wrote a note

to take Melda’s attention and put it under her desk. One week later

Melda came and asked Arda, “Can I help you to do your homework?”

“Are you volunteering or will you want something from me?” Arda answered

with a question.

Melda felt miserable because she wanted to shriek everything that she was

felling about Arda but she couldn’t. “No , I am volunteering.I have lots of time
at home so I want to do something good for other people,”she replied.

“Such a good idea. You are like an angel which has blonde hair,” Arda

Complimented her. However ,Onur understood his plan and started to follow

him. Nine days later he recorded a dialogue which contains “She does

tremendous homework for me , her reputation will be “Deceived Blonde” , she

had to be more careful.”

Onur showed that video to Melda immediately and she wrote a note under that

day’s homeworks. It was “I am Melda , he doesn’t know anything about that

homework , I did all of them.” After that , Arda got two weeks detention and

Melda gave a chance to Onur.

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