Wyatt's Day

January 9, 2008
By Jackie Crites, Buckhannon, WV

Hi,my name is Wyatt.I am four years old and have very exciting days.During the week days I go to pre-school.On the weekend I stay home with mommyand daddy.
Today is Sunday and I'm getting ready for church.When I wake up my mommy gets me dressed.After I get dressed,I go eat cheerios.When I'm done eatting I go brush my teeth and hair.After I'm all ready,me,mommy,and daddy get in the car and leave.
When we get to church daddy takes me to the kid room.After daddy leaves I get to play with my friends.Today we get animal crackers and grape juice.After snack time we get to paint rainbows.When we finish painting,we get to play more.After a while I start to get tired and sit down,and then daddy and mommy come to get me.
On our way home,I started to get hungry so I told mommy,After mommy and daddy talked for a while they told me,we could go to Burger King.When we get to Burger King I ate my food and played for a little bit,and then we left.
When we got home I was tired,so I took a nap.When I woke up,it was time for dinner.After I ate,I got ready for bed.First I took my bath,then I brushed my teeth,and finally I get in my bed.Mommy and daddy come in to read me my bed time story,and soon I was asleep.

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