February 21, 2013
By Anonymous

Have you ever heard of the Salem witch trials? Well it’s based on a story of witches and girls who accuse people of pulling them in to doing witch craft, because they are being manipulated by Abigail Williams. It all happened in Massachusetts in the year of 1692. Abigail and she families slave along with other girls started doing ritual dancing in the woods. They practiced witch craft. They all got caught, and never confessed they just denied everything and told people that members of their town made then do these things because of Abigail Williams.

I have a friend that I went to school with and she was not a good person to be around at all, she reminds me of Abigail Williams in a way. She was a liar; she could never tell the truth to anyone to save her like. She thought it was a good thing, because every time she got whatever she wanted. She would always pretend to be a happy outgoing person around adults but when she wasn’t around them you saw her true colors. She never had a good attitude.

She acts like she can just tell people to what she wants whenever she wants. She just has this control and power over people. Just like Abigail, she always seemed like she was a good girl. She had a bad side and she would make sure she had everything. It was just sad because nobody should think that the world is theirs to have. She just had no control at all and she didn’t think she needed to change.

She does everything in her power to make sure people did what she said. She will have anyone at her beck and call for anything. She was selfish. She never wanted to do anything for anyone else. She was a very self absorbed person.

She loves to tell people what they want to hear, because she knows that if she does that then her world will be perfect. She hated when she didn’t get her way, she made people scared of her because she would tell them she would tell people their darkest secrets and get them in trouble by people. So for her just saying that, they had to do it because if she did that it would ruin them. She was a very jealous person when she saw someone happy. She would see friends and make them turn against each other because she would go to each of them and tell them lies about one another. She hated when she got denied it was the worst feeling on earth to her. It was her downfall.

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