They call me Pepper

August 13, 2008
I was born in a small living space humans call an apartment. My mother gave birth to 5 boys(including me) and 1 girl.
The human who takes care of our mom was so nice to me. At first I hid behind my mother's protecting body,but if you give time I can love anybody. So about a week later we were best pals.
Then that sad day came. He put us in a huge box, and loaded us into a moving wheel and took us to a strange new big box. We walked into the strange box,and there were hundreds of other dogs here. I later learned that the huge box was called a building and to be more specific a building called SPCA.
The man left and never came back. No man, no mother, and now no Zoey. She was taken to a place far away in one of those moving wheels, and never came back.
The new human who took care of me was nice. She talked to me, fed me, and groomed me. I loved her, but yet I didn't know her name.
I went into what was called a doctor's office for an examination. The doc. said that I was half labador retriver half boxer, and that I was really helthy.
I watched my brothers dissapear one by one until only me and my brother blackjack were left.
Then a girl with brown hair and green eyes came over to see me. I guess when we both saw each other we knew it was fate.
10 minutes later I was in the moving wheel going to their house. Since that brush with fate I have learned so much like: not to potty in the house, not to bite the family, and not to lick the oven( it's hot!)

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Rob said...
Sept. 9, 2008 at 9:19 pm
Excellent story.
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