Love, How Do You Explain It?

March 15, 2008
By Jenelle Parker, Edwards, NY

It's hard to deal with, someday it might stop hurting. No one knows how hurtful it is until you've had it and then lost it. You must remember that no matter what the one you loe says they will always end up hurting you in one way or another. You must grab love and hold onto it while you can. The one you loves is never here to stay, no matter what they say. Someday everyone will realize that love is out there some where. Maybe not in the one you are with now, but maybe the one you will be with later. Never believe what other people say, always go right to the source. Even though sometimes it's hard to say, with me I can never find the words to say certain things, you may be able to say those things, unlike me. The easiest thing to say is I love you, for me anyways. It's hard to believe if the person you say that to means it when they say it back. Don't always go by what your friends say or do you are different when it omes to love. You should go by what your heart says. Even though sometimes your heart hurts to follow. My heart has told me who to be with and say I love you to and who not to be with and say I love you. I don't know if I agree with it or not, but last time I didn't follow my heart it hurt me in the end. I don't know why people do the things they do in relationships involving the L word. I've only said it twice and the first time I'm not sure I meant it. This time I know for sure I do. People may not believe that I do, especially him. But to me what's in my heart is all that matters. When I say that take my advice and make sure you mean everything you say and do. Before you say I love you make sure you mean it and make sure it's true. I know all of this may be hard to grasp and actually realize it's the truth. But no matter what you think you should always know that it is all true. He may believe half the stuff you say and do is not true, but all you need to remember is that I love you means more than anything. And on that day you say I do, you will both finally see that those three little words, I love you are really true. I hope this all has been taken in and now you all have this inside. Whether or not it means anything to you. Some people feel different than me, but I know a lot of my friends feel or have felt the same way I do now, with him.

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on Aug. 26 2008 at 11:57 pm
omg jenelle this is really good....

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