My Secret Spot

March 7, 2008
Water. Water running. The water runs over small rocks, large rocks, and logs. It runs along the smooth riverbank that’s filled with luscious sage-green grass. Pink, blue, and purple…these are the colors of the beautiful wildflowers that grow along the clear, blue-green river. This sacred spot is my safe place, a place I can go to just sit and relax. I don’t have to worry about anything that is going on in my life. I can just sit there on the riverbank, listening to the riser swoosh by me.

When I’m sitting there on the river’s edge with the sun’s rays beaming down on me, my feet dangling into the cold river, I listen to the birds chirp in a nearby tree and to the water rushing by me. It’s so relaxing. Listening for that hour, I don’t have any worries. For that hour, I don’t have family problems to think about, don’t have to worry about which friend to hang out with, and don’t have any pain. For that single hour, I don’t have any pain. It makes me feel free – free to do anything.

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