Forever And Ever

June 1, 2008
By ashley Schnell, Gilbert, AZ

I love hanging out with my friends. Alex, my friend down the street, we hanged out, but then we just stop being friends. Didn’t talk at all and didn’t know why. Now, every time someone sees one of us, they know they are going to see the other. That’s how close we got to each other. Alex is supposed to be in 7th grade, but when she moved here, from Mexico, they held her back. My sister, Heather, is also her friend. We all kid around together, but Heather usually leaves us and talks to Jacob, but that Saturday afternoon Jacob had Yuma over.
Alex, Heather, and I just came back from the park, were we played truth or dare with Jacob and Yuma. We were on the way to Alex’s house. When we stopped right in front of Jacob’s house, across the street, and started talking and before long we were singing. The wind was blowing hard.
We were having so much fun that we didn’t see Yuma, sister’s car, pull up at Jacob’s house. It was a light blue car.
At first we were singing, Hannah Montana song. We didn’t know what song to sing next. With all the songs we could sing, none of us could think of one. Not one single song. I started to sing “Smack That,” Alex and Heather soon joined. We were singing and dancing now. Having so much fun. It was our favorite part of the song so we started singing louder. There was a rock, a big huge one, so we all fell, but that’s not the bad part of this story. We laughed then got back up and went back into the song. So we all got louder. Then something or someone came out of Jacob’s house.

I didn’t realize that someone came out of the house. So I kept on singing and dancing, but Alex and Heather stopped. We were right across the street from Jacobs’s house, in clear view, no one could miss us. If they did then they were blind. Like I said it was our favorite part, so I got louder and louder. The whole neighborhood could hear me; well that’s what Alex thought. Jacob, Yuma and Yuma’s sister came out of the house, walking to the car. Me in clear view, singing and dancing; it was not a pretty picture. Well at least for me it wasn’t.

Jacob and Yuma started laughing. On the ground laughing, pointing at me. It was like a bad dream that I could not wake from. The sister just kept on walking and yelled them to get in the car. Even when they were in the car, I could still hear them laughing. As for me, my face turned bright red, like it has never done before. Plus, Alex and Heather were laughing at me as well. I was also laughing at myself. It didn’t matter because by the time Jacob got home; he would have forgotten all about it. However, it will stay in my memory forever and ever.

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