More Than a Tiny Box

May 30, 2008
By Theresa McBride, Oshkosh, WI

What could it be? What is something small enough to hide in this little square box? Erin was known to give unusual gifts. My strong anticipation at the thought of what could be in this present grew even larger with the fact that I had no idea why I was getting a gift.
I held my breath as I lifted off the cover, carefully, in case something inside was fragile. The present that lay inside wasn’t breakable. In fact it was quite unbreakable. Inside there hid a little piece of cardstock paper, no bigger than two inches wide and three inches long. On the front, printed, was a quote from the bible. More important, however, is what was hand-written on the back.
It read:
Always remember that I am here for you. I am always ready to listen if you need to talk.

I was speechless. What can I even say to this kind of gift? How should I even thank her? Luckily for me she spoke first. “Life can be rough. No matter where I am I can listen. Just remember that.”

Erin is almost ten years older than I am. Many people often wonder if we are even close to each other. One day it was one of my friends who asked me if we were close. My answer to this question is always the same: “Of course we are. Aren’t you close to your brothers and sisters?” Are we close to each other, or do I just say that? Do I really even know my sister? Of course I do. As proof to myself, my mind flew back a few weeks to a time when Erin was picking me up from school. I found myself confiding in her about my day. Some things were slipping from my mouth that I hadn’t even told my best friends yet. Why am I telling her all of this? I know why. I can trust her. I’d trust her with my life.

Just recently I had a really tough day. I instantly remembered the little note from Erin. I often do. Sometimes I reach for the phone or log onto my email to talk to her. Other times all I need to do is think of what advice she would give me about whatever it is for which I need her advice. The gift was so inexpensive, yet it is priceless. Who knew one little box could hold the answers to so many of my questions? I sure didn’t realize how many times I would think of that card or, more importantly, of the note written on the back.

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swimmer2000 said...
on Jan. 10 2009 at 3:11 pm
This is an amazing story. You are very lucky to have a sister like Erin. Great job capturing the emotions without telling exactly what you were feeling!

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