The Count De Mirabeau

September 9, 2012
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The Count de Mirabeau was a very eloquent, well expressed, and charismatic man. He was able to over come his physical appearance, and his father’s hatred towards him and able to accomplish many things during the French revolution.

The Count de Mirabeau was very well expressed and articulate, and this was one of the main reasons he was so influential and used it to his advantage. He wrote Essai Sur le Despotisme that was referred to as “bombastic yet eloquent” said Doyle William, Oxford Historian. (1)He also wrote the speeches on The Civil Constitution of the clergy (4) that became a law that was passed on July 12, 1790.
His physical appearance was a large obstacle throughout his life, and his father’s hatred towards him just made his chances of success much more difficult. One article said, “scarce half made up; a child with a head so large that it was a dire deformity, with one foot sadly twisted, and with a tongue that was tied; in brief, an infant ogre born with teeth”. The same article continues to talk about his father’s hatred towards him, “So great was the chagrin of the father that he made no effort to conceal his dislike for the misshapen child. Hence, when at three years of age the little one was left wretchedly pitted by a severe attack of small-pox, its fate was listed. It must not, could not, bear the name of Mirabeau.” His father did not want him to carry the family name so he gave him a fake name and sent him off to military school. (2)

Though he had disadvantages in life; his father and his appearance; this all led up to him using his advantages; eloquence and charisma; to become a large part of the French revolution. Since he was so articulate he held one of the largest places in the national assembly and ruled over France in the beginning stages of the French revolution. After the French revolution was set in motion The Count de Mirabeau wanted to be placed in the position of the Deputy of the Nobility. He was only able to gain this position if his father was on his side, which he ascertained after he dedicated a book to his father and won his respect. (3)

The Count of Mirabeau used these talents in a way that things such as his appearance wouldn’t affect the way people perceived him, even though some of the people closest to him, such as his father wanted nothing to do with him since he was such an atrocity.


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