childhood lost

May 19, 2008
By Chelsea Wagner, Cincinnati, OH

During the summer of 2005
me and my sister my sister and I are very close. She is nineteen and I am eleven years old and even though the years show that we are apart, we are very close. Something happened to my family that changed my life.

On the morning of my sisters operation she got up at 5:30 to shower and go to the doctors. After getting ready she came down stairs and woke me up so, I could move upstairs to her room too sleep with my niece and nephew.

Next thing I know I woke up to my mom, dad, and sister talking. I looked up and noticed my sister with some type of black thing with straps that went from the bottom of her breast to her waist. My dad and mom where telling my sister;
“That if she needs any help to ask for one of them and that they will help her if she needs anything.”

She was told by her doctor that she was suppose to be on 24 hr bed rest until further notice. Her room was upstairs on the second floor and my room was downstairs on the first floor. Since she was on full time bed rest me and my dad moved the items and things that she needed from her room down to my room. That way she has easy access to everything she needs such as the bathroom, kitchen ,ECT. So why she used my room I stayed upstairs where all the kids needs and toys ,and beds were .


My sister went to the doctors to see how she was recovering and if their was any thing else she needed to know .
Well she was told that it could take up too 4 to 5 months for her to just be able to start driving again ,so now I am even more stressed out and worried cause now I don’t know how long I still have to watch my niece and nephew and if it was any longer I knew I was going to miss out on a whole summer break from school . Not only that but a few weeks later when my sister finally was getting up to try to do a few things to see if it will make her feel any better ,Well she decided to go up to her room to get something .Well on the way back down she was not paying a lot of attention , was wearing slippers on the carpet stairs and ended up falling down a half flight of stairs. So as you know that made something worse.

Come to find out she knocked the disk that they just operated on back out of place ,so then she had to go back to being on bed rest with out even doing anything small .
So as you know I was stuck on doing dinner cleaning

Now that we all know about how long recovery is going to be and that she is not able to do anything . so my niece and nephew don’t miss out on a lot I try to make the best of it , by taking my niece Destiny , nephew Brian to the park , outside, a whole lot of fun things like if my sister did not have surgery the stuff that she will be doing as to be a good mom , the only problem was , is that I was still a kid my self and did not have any experience to do all the stuff that a mom has to do .

She finally feels good enough where she can get up and do some stuff , so now she does just about everything that she could do before she just cant work as hard as before and still has to lay down an rest for at least 45 minutes a day.

I was glad that she can do the normal stuff she use to again , so I can go out and hang out with some friends with out bringing them with me cause it felt like I had kids cause everywhere I went they went , had to watch them all day everyday , feed ,and bathe them like they are my own kids .

Since she messed her back up even worse from falling down the stairs .
She was told that some time soon she needs another operation on her back to try to fully fix it the right way cause if she does not have surgery again she can be paralyzed in a wheel chair for the rest of her life.

After so long …. ….. finally she is back to doing just about everything she did before …… EVEN now back too being able too take care of her kids and able to do a lot of stuff that she missed out on doing when she was in recovery .

Still to this day she has back problems an has to have another back operation … That means that I will be back on full time baby sitting but you got to do what you got to do when it comes too close family . But to be truthful I won’t mind that much this time cause now I am older and know how to take care of children . I just want her to be able to get her back fixed so we wont have to worry about this anymore.

So as you problay understand now from reading this letter of my younger child hood childhood .that I will do anything for my family no matter what happens and it don’t matter if I will miss some of my child hood again.

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