The Undetected Magical Kingdom

April 18, 2008
By Alexia Higginbotham, Mt. Washington, KY

My Grandparents house. What can I say about this magical kingdom? It is the memories and good times that flutter through my head over and over bringing smiles and laughter to my face. My cousins see it as a boring, joy free atmosphere, so they never visit my Grandparent’s house, but my cousin’s don’t know what they are missing. I see it as a place that is filled with excitement and thrill. It’s not just a house to me; it’s a magical castle with wonders to explore all around it.

The woods surrounding the house is not just trees, sticks, and mud. It’s a beautiful, colorful land, filled with critters all shapes and sizes, with blooming flowers all about it. The woods is my favorite spot at my Grandparent’s house. When I go back there I feel like a tiny mouse scampering to what seems like the never ending earth. It’s quiet, fun, and scary all at the same time. When I’m in the woods there isn’t a sound besides the wind whistling through the leaves in the trees. There isn’t a peep; it’s scary. I feel like I’m being watched by thousands of little tiny eyes waiting for me to make my next move. But when it gets dark, I have to go back to the house but I’m not disappointed, because I know that inside the enchanting castle there are much more fun filled activities to do.
This might not sound very fun or electrifying to other people but an extremely special and rare thing that I do at my Grandparent’s house is play the game Boggle with my Granddad. Boggle is a game where the object is to find as many words as you can in a group of letters in a time period. It is special because my Granddad is very sick and probably won’t live much longer, and he doesn’t ever leave the house, except when he goes to the doctor or hospital, so when I’m there and I get to play boggle and spend time with him and I see him smile, it ensures me that even if he died the next day that I would remember him happy with a smile on his face.
Sometimes when it is too cold or raining outside and there is zilch to do outside in the woods I do the same routine that I have done since I was a young whippersnapper. I grab a can of Pringles. Pour a glass of grape juice. Then watch a movie in my Grandma’s room. It might sound uninteresting to some, but I like it because it gives me time to relax and time to myself.
The person that makes my Grandparent’s house special is my Grandma. She makes me feel as comfortable as possible at her house. When I spend the night and I lay down to go to bed my grandma scratches my back and it feels like heaven! My Grandma is kind of old so she can’t really do any physical activity with me, but when I’m at her house we sit on the couch in the living room and talk about things that are troubling me or just things to laugh about. My Grandma does things with me outside of her house but it seems like she goes out of her way to make feel at home, so I don’t feel weird or uncomfortable at her house.

I’ve had memories from my Grandparents house since I was a little kid because when I was about three years old my mom went back to school for awhile so my mom and I lived at my Grandparent’s house. So I guess you can say that my Grandparent’s house is my oldest source of memories.
In the basement of the house there is a Grandkid’s room where all the Grandkid’s also known as my cousins and me play. And when I was young I had what I thought was the greatest most magnificent doll house in the whole wide world. It had the whole family of dolls even the Grandparents and a baby and three floors of fun. But the unique thing about it was that I was the only person that played with it. So every time I went to play with the dolls, they looked like they were rejoicing waiting to be played with.

My Grandparent’s house is the most breathtaking, most fantastic, most everything. It gave me memories that I couldn’t have had anywhere else. Even when the house is long gone, I’ll never forget the memories and good times I’ve had at the most astonishing place on the planet.

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