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   At the age of 13, I began volunteering at the New England Science Center. For the first year, the idea of working in a museum was what kept me excited about putting in hours every week. I would help out at craft tables and I would run small errands. The privilege of entering through "STAFF ONLY" doors was invigorating.

However, during my second summer, I discovered what had captured my heart. It was not the polar bears in the outdoor wildlife center, or the train rides around the grounds. It was the people. The staff of the museum, the other volunteers with whom I worked, and the people who would be visiting the museum were all so unique.

As I became a more respected and trusted volunteer, I gained more responsibilities. I helped in a number of areas, and finally concluded that my favorite position was at the visitor information desk. Here I would greet everyone who came to the museum, whether a visitor or an employee. I would talk to visitors, some of whom were members of the museum, others who were vacationing in the area. I would instruct camp groups on proper museum conduct, and give them directions to the floors of the center. I saw countless shining children who were begging to ride the train, or who were excited about seeing the exhibits. Their smiles found a place in my memory.

The people with whom I worked were all very special, and, since most were older, spending time with them taught me a lot. Since I was at an age when I was having many new experiences, the people at the museum gave me a great deal of guidance. I made friends whom I would treasure forever.

Today, five years later, I still treasure my years of volunteering at the museum. Many of these people have moved on to different jobs. However, I can still walk into the center and know that I am surrounded by people who care about me. By volunteering at the New England Science Center, not only have I gained a number of new friends, I have also learned that helping others and gaining people's respect is an important part to being successful. fl

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