Five Ways to Make a Best Friend

May 16, 2008
By Brianna Thomas, Marietta, GA

Have you ever been new at a school and had no one to talk to? You wish you had a friend so bad that you would do anything to get one? Well I’m here to let you know that you don’t have to do anything but talk to people to get a friend.

In the Brianna handbook there are five ways to make a best friend. If you do not pay attention I promise you, you will never make any real friends.

The first thing you do when trying to make best friends is to talk to people. If you talk to people that gives them an impression of you and you also get an impression of them. If they don’t like you, oh well, forget them go on with the next thing. But if they do like you then you should try to hang out with that person a little more to get to know them.

The second thing you do in search of finding friends is to invite them to sleepover. Don’t do this until after about a month of meeting them. If you do it earlier it might seem a little creepy. A few suggestions that I have are renting movies, buying popcorn, chips, sodas, etc, and some CD’s, and just stay up all night and party until you get tried.

The third thing you do to make best friends help that person when they need help. If your friend asks you to do something that seems a little outrageous and you really don’t think you should be doing, do a little investigating to find more information about what she wants you to do. If you think that she is using you then you might want to tell her that you can’t do what she’s asking you, because you don’t feel comfortable doing that, or you could tell her that you don’t want to do it because it seems like she’s using you and you can’t be her friend anymore. Don’t feel sad because you’ve gotten this far and basically nothing happened just move on and start the process all over again. If she doesn’t apologize to you maybe she thinks that she didn’t do anything wrong, at that point you should tell her how you feel and work it out.

The fourth thing you need to remember when making a best friend is to stand up for your friend. An example of this would be if you hear that somebody wants to fight your friend or jump her you go ask her what’s going on and if she doesn’t tell you right away that might mean that she did something wrong or she’s just embarrassed about the whole situation. But it doesn’t matter if she started it then you have to tell her that it was wrong and she shouldn’t have done that. But if someone is just messing with your friend for no reason then you need to stand up for your friend and help her out.

The fifth thing you absolutely have to remember when making a best friend is to be yourself. If you just be yourself then you shouldn’t have a very hard time making friends unless your personality is very bad. But other than that you should have TONS of friends in no time!

Those are the five ways to make a best friend in the Brianna Handbook.

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