No Bullying

April 27, 2012
By Carey Behm BRONZE, Brockwell, Arkansas
Carey Behm BRONZE, Brockwell, Arkansas
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Every single day children are being bullied. We pick on other people for a multitude of reasons, some being: they are smaller, smarter, or because they are less “cool”. This is unacceptable. We need to do everything in our power to stop the bullying.

There are people who commit suicide because they are bullied, pushed out of society, “outcasts,” worthless, not loved, hated, not wanted, or a waste of space. To some people, life is their own personal Hell. A person killing him/her self, as a response to how they are being treated by his/her peers is very depressing. What kind of people are we? Why do we do the things that we do? I have had friends that I have had to talk out of committing suicide because of what other people have done to them. I can’t believe that people can treat each other that horribly! It is inhumane the way we treat the people who are our neighbors, “friends,” family, peers, co-workers, etc. This action is detestable.

When most people see someone getting bullied they either join in on the bullying, laugh, or just ignore it and go on with their day, not caring at all. It is heartless how these cold people don’t even try to help! Do not get me wrong. There are some people who actually care, and try to stop it. Very few people. We ALL need to be like that! We need to start being considerate of others. Since life is so short, why do people try to ruin other people’s lives? How can people be so flippant, mean, insulting, and degrading? We should do something, such as making movies about not bullying (like the movie To Save a Life), having assemblies in schools to assess the issue, having strict “no bullying” rules everywhere we go, etc. There is SO MUCH we can and should do to fix this!

Bullying is NOT acceptable. Ever. Abusing, insulting, threatening, or harassing a person in any way is not right! I cannot express enough how horrible it is to treat another human being like they are lower than you. We are ALL equal! No one person is better than another; however, a lot of people do not realize this. These people treat others like dirt beneath their feet.

We need to treat others as we would want them to treat us, as the Bible tells us. We should make it all stop because the people being bullied do not deserve to suffer like this. Destroying the evil that is bullying is one step closer to making the wretched world we live in a Heaven on Earth.

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