Earning Your Citizenship

January 8, 2008
By Molly Greenfield, Georgetown, TX

We all have different opinions about what a good citizen is. You may say that a good citizen, a true American, should follow the rules and mind their higher power. On the other hand, this is what is right. That is, we as Americans and human beings are granted certain rights and privileges and if you feel that those are being violated in any shape or form, you need to take a stand. If you do not who will? It is your future to decide.

Stand up for what is right, put faith in what you believe in, and never let anyone try to change your opinions. Stick true to what is good in your heart. In 1765, did Samuel Adams let the British choose his fate and control his life? Of course not. Instead he started the Sons of Liberty. Walking the streets during the hot summer, he would protest. Day in and day out he never gave up, even when the chips were against him. And do you know what happened? The Stamp Act was repealed! Inspired, the women began to get involved, protesting the Townshend act a year later. Formed on a foundation of women seeking freedom, the Daughters of Liberty came to be. Boycotting British fabric by making their own and encouraging others to do the same is what made these brave women true citizens. They were not just protesting to get a name for themselves or to impress the men, they were protesting for a reason! They believed their rights were being violated and they would not just sit around and watch it happen! They strived to make the colonies dependant economically, and believe it or not they made a difference. A good citizen does not necessarily mean your name will be printed in a book or you will guest star on Opera. How about your school PTA? A group of parents who work hard, do fundraisers, have meetings, and do whatever it takes to ensure their children are getting a good education. Even being a child, everyone can do their own part. Every day, or every week they’re at the schools doing things for the children that the kids do not even know is done. They are doing the right thing, even when no one is watching. That is the outline of amazing citizen, one who will or does make a difference, and does it because he or she knows its right.

The world provides you with 2 underlying choices: the right thing to do, and the wrong thing to do. A good citizen picks the good thing to do, and does it to the best of their abilities. Are you going to be a good citizen today, tomorrow, this year, or this lifetime? Or will you wait for the next guy to come along, and pray he has the courage.

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