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March 6, 2012
The novel Lord of the Flies by William Golding is a Nobel Prize-winning novel about a group of British boys that are stuck on a deserted island with no one to lead. The Village is a 2004 American thriller film directed and written by M. Night Shyamalan about a village that is inhabited by fear of creatures. The novel Lord of the Flies and the film The Village have many similarities. The two main characters Lucius Hunt (Walking Phoenix) from the film The Village, and Ralph from Lord of the Flies have many similarities.

The boys in Lord of the Flies are on the deserted island because they were on an airplane when it crashed. The main character in the novel Ralph, was voted the leader out of the survivors for the island. Ralf is very curious and wants more than anything to get off of the island Ralf was like the president of a club. He would tell the others what to do and how to do it. Ralph has many enemies towards the end of the novel that try to kill him. Ralph helps readers understand that you should respect others and their decisions even if you do not necessarily agree with them, as well as watching your back all the time.

In the film The Village, the people are scared of the creatures that live in the woods and can not leave the area or else it will disturb the peace of the village people and the creatures. Lucius is a very curious guy and wants to leave the village and explore the woods. Lucius has the love of Ivy Walker. He is hated by a jealous and crazy man that stabs him several times to try and kill him because he is jealous of Ivy’s love. Lucius helps the audience understand that you need to watch your back because some times the ones you think are your friends actually hate you the most.

In the novel and the Film Ralph and Lucius have a lot similarities. One similarity is that they both have something that another person they know pretty well wants a lot and will do anything to receive it even if it means killing. Ralph has power and Jack wants more than anything to have that power. Jack tries to kill Ralph several times in the novel. Another similarity is that they both want to go past their boundaries. Ralph wants more than anything to get off of the island, and Lucius goes into the woods which means that the creature will come into the village. If you were in Lucius’s position what would you have done?

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