Mother's day

March 4, 2012
By Blackwatch13 SILVER, Seekonk, Massachusetts
Blackwatch13 SILVER, Seekonk, Massachusetts
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Throughout the year, we do not treat our mothers with the right care and respect that they have earned. They care for us, love us, and provide for us for the large part of our childhood. But in return, what do we give back? We yell at them insult them, and don’t treat them how they should be treated at all! But there is one day in the year, one day where we show them the love and compassion we should have been showing them for the whole year. We acknowledge everything they have done for us, and everything we haven’t done for them. This day is known as Mother’s Day.

Mother’s day is about showing our mom’s that although we haven’t shown it, we have always loved them, and always will. We treat our mother’s like slaves sometimes, ordering them to do this, or do that, and expecting them to do it. We don’t show them gratitude for what they do for us. Often, we use them as scapegoats, and blame them for everything, saying things like,” It’s all your fault,” or,” If it wasn’t for you I could’ve done this!” All moms’ want is the best for their children, and they do what they think is right. They want to protect their child and be a part of their life, because once they grow up they won’t see them much. On Mother’s Day, we go out of our way to make our mom’s feel special; we make them feel like they are the best things in our life, and to love them with every bone in our body.

On Mother’s Day, there are many ways to show our gratitude. For instance, we can write a note about how much we appreciate and love them; we can make them their favorite breakfast in bed. We can do all of her chores and jobs and make sure she doesn’t have to do any work that day. Getting along with your siblings would also make her day. Mother’s hate it when their kids fight. You shouldn’t necessarily get her an expensive gift, but what moms want are gifts from the heart. They like it when they know their kid was thinking of them when they got the gift and that it means a lot to them. Mother’s Day isn’t a day when you should be embarrassed or ashamed of how you treated your mother; it should be about really showing your mom that you care. This is the day that you repent for all the wrongdoings you did to your mom. This whole day is about her, not us. We have to do anything in our power to make it the best day of the year, by making her feel loved and wanted by her kids. We have to make her know that everything she has done for us has been worth it.

Our moms spend their entire lives trying to make sure we grow up healthy and strong, and make the right choices. The least us kids can do is to give back to them on the one day of the year that is totally devoted to them. On Mother’s Day, it’s our time to give back.

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